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  • Aluminium Alloy Travel Folding Airport Wheelchair

    Aluminium Alloy Travel Folding Airport WheelchairTransport Travel Aluminium alloy Airport folding wheelchair Feature: 1、Material:Aluminum alloy frame alloy,surface anodic oxidation treatment 2、Fix armrests 3、Footrests can be adjust the height 4、With brake wheels Advantage of Airport wheelchair: 1. Using aerospace aluminum alloy 7003 material, the...Read More

  • Travel Alloy Airport Wheelchair

    Travel Alloy Airport WheelchairProduct name Travel Alloy Airport Wheelchair Product features 1. This travel alloy airport wheelchair is equipped with attendant handbrakes and puncture proof tyres. 2. Lightweight folding wheelchair has quick release / swing out height adjustable footrests. 3. This kind of wheelchair adopts...Read More

  • Aluminum Airport Folding Wheelchair

    Aluminum Airport Folding WheelchairProduct name Aluminum Airport Folding Wheelchair Product description The aluminum airport folding wheelchair uses high-strength aerospace aluminum frame. This product is light and never rust. It is equipped with fix armrests and the height of footrests can be adjusted. This wheelchair is stable...Read More

  • Transit Wheelchair

    Transit WheelchairProduct name Transit Wheelchair Product description This transit wheelchair uses aerospace aluminum alloy 7003 material. The weight of this wheelchair is very light. But it has better bearing capacity. It has good resistance to stress, corrosion resistance and excellent welding performance. The...Read More

  • Stable Portable Wheelchair

    Stable Portable WheelchairProduct name Stable Portable Wheelchair Product introduction This stable portable wheelchair is well designed. It applies aviation aluminum profiles. It has foldable double X frame so that it can be folded to fit into cars. It uses detachable aluminum alloy heart-shaped connection footrest which...Read More

  • Stable Lightweight Portable Outdoors Convenient Travel Wheelchair

    Stable Lightweight Portable Outdoors Convenient Travel WheelchairStable Portable outdoors convenient travel wheelchair Brief introduction: 1.Aluminum alloy frame alloy,surface anodic oxidation treatment 2.Detachable footrest 3.Sandwich fabric,Comfortable breathable, you can remove to cleaning Whether you have a short term or long term mobility challenge, we...Read More

  • Lightweight Portable Travel Wheelchair

    Lightweight Portable Travel WheelchairProduct name Lightweight Portable Travel Wheelchair Product introduction This lightweight portable travel wheelchair is our main product. Our company has skilled employees and advanced technology. We treat every wheelchair as an art product. We choose excellent materail. The wheelchair uses...Read More

  • Convenient Travel Wheelchair

    Convenient Travel WheelchairProduct name Convenient Travel Wheelchair Product description This series of wheelchair is designed for travel and daily life. Due to two factors, it is very convinent. First, it is lighter than most of wheelchair. So it is easy to carry. Second, it is can be folded. With brilliant design, it...Read More