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  • Folding Lightweight Sport Wheelchair

    Folding Lightweight Sport WheelchairThis folding lightweight sport wheelchair is high in quality and popular in market. It is a must to people in need. It can offer convenience and comfort to users.
    This series of wheelchair is very light. In fact, the net weight of this wheelchair is 9.4 kg. But it can hold max user weight of 100 kg.
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  • Basketball Sport Wheelchair

    Basketball Sport WheelchairThe basketball sport wheelchair is one kind of wheelchairs which suits for basketball field. It has simple and stylish design.
    The frame of this sport wheelchair is made of aviation aluminum alloy. So it is so light that it is less than 9 kg. This wheelchair has excellent sports mobility.
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  • Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

    Ultra Lightweight Folding WheelchairThis ultra lightweight folding wheelchair is one of our main product. We focus on this wheelchair for years and adjust its design for several times.
    The frame of this folding wheelchair is one-piece which enhances the solidity of frame. The material of this wheelchair is aluminum alloy. It has removable handle and handrail that can flip to one side. Every detail is perfectly designed.
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  • Aluminum Basketball Wheelchair

    Aluminum Basketball WheelchairThe aluminum basketball wheelchair is a newly developed ergonomic folding self-propelled aluminum manual wheelchair. The unique seat curved design reflects the people-oriented design, also in line with ergonomic design.
    Seat curved designs of lightweight folding wheelchair also effectively prevent body moving back and forth and distract the pressure on the buttocks and improve the comfort of the occupants.
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  • Leisure Sport Wheelchair

    Leisure Sport WheelchairThis leisure sport wheelchair is our star product. It is designed for sports. Comparing to other wheelchair, it is more flexible. It uses first level material to ensure its high quality.
    It uses detachable footrest and solid castor. This wheelchair has a good brake control system to ensure the safety of the user. The universal control wheel can be flexibly turned and moved, making it easy for the user to drive during exercise.
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  • Adjustable Lightweight Sport Wheelchair

    Adjustable Lightweight Sport WheelchairThis adjustable lightweight sport wheelchair is our main product. The max user weight it can bear is 100 kg. The net weight of this wheelchair is 9.4kgs. It is light and can be folded so that it is easy to carry.
    This sport wheelchair is high in quality and hot in market. It is certificated with CE, ISO. We offer different designs for your reference. Besides, OEM is accepted. We can produce wheelchair according to your design.
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  • Aluminum Alloy Basketball Wheelchair

    Aluminum Alloy Basketball WheelchairThis aluminum alloy basketball wheelchair is our star product. Its frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy. It is stable and safe for wheelchair user. The design of this basketball wheelchair is really considerate and elegant.
    And our company has strict quality control system and enjoys good reputation in the market. We offer OEM service for you and prefer to build long term partnership with you.
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  • Sporty Wheelchair

    Sporty WheelchairThis sporty wheelchair is our main product. Our company use excellent material to make its frame. So it is really stable. During the production, all the process is made by our professional workers and advanced machine.
    And all the wheelchair will be strictly checked by our quality control department. The quality of our wheelchair can be guaranteed.
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  • Aluminum Alloy Manual Leisure Basketball Sport Wheelchair

    Aluminum Alloy Manual Leisure Basketball Sport WheelchairBasketball wheelchairs are special equipment for disabled people to participate in basketball. Since wheelchair basketball is a highly confrontational exercise, collisions between wheelchairs often occur in the game, and even lead to rollover of wheelchairs and injuries of athletes.
    Therefore, our aluminum alloy manual leisure basketball wheelchair can not only provide the athlete with a comfortable sitting posture that is compatible with the physiological characteristics of the human body, but also has good stability and flexibility.
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  • Adjustable Seat Folding Ultra Lightweight Sport Wheelchair

    Adjustable Seat Folding Ultra Lightweight Sport WheelchairThis adjustable seat folding ultra lightweight sport wheelchair is a special wheelchair designed for the competition. It can be used by people with reduced mobility for sports activities.
    It uses high-strength aluminum alloy material, so its light weight is lighter than ordinary wheelchairs, and it can run faster in outdoor applications. In addition, this sporty wheelchair can not only remove the seat cushion, but also removes the armrests and footrests.
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