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The Features Of An Electric Wheelchair That Can Be Laid
Jun 22, 2017

1. Can lie upright, can stand and walk, and can become a recliner, sofa seat more comfortable.

2. Adopt the International Top Gear box two-level variable speed motor, give wheelchair car sufficient and matching horsepower, climbing more powerful, more durable power

3. Configuration of a variety of human functions, table, on the armrest, double back seat belts, knee pads, can turn pillow, 40ah high-capacity battery.

4. Configure the front and rear tilt, 8-wheel configuration to ensure the use of safety when standing and uphill.

5. The use of the latest international top-level control system, fully automated

6. Five gear speed, top speed 12KM, 360 arbitrary steering (left and right walk).

7. Simple structure, strong power, electromagnetic brakes (automatic parking brake, Banpo can be stationed in vehicles)

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