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Power Classification Of Electric Wheelchairs
Jun 22, 2017

Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

In traditional manual wheelchair overlay control system, power system, drive power supply;

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery electric wheelchair

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery electric wheelchair

A maintenance-free lead-acid battery is used as a driving power source with large capacity technology.

Adopt aluminum alloy pipe frame, can quickly dismantle armrest height adjustable structure, hang foot 180 rotation and quick dismantle structure

Using the latest electromagnetic braking technology, uphill not to slip, downhill without inertia, safety first

Equipped with sophisticated universal controller direction more accurate, easy to drive, flexible control

Gear box two-speed motor, give wheelchair vehicles sufficient and matching horsepower, climbing more powerful, more durable power

Lithium Electric Wheelchair

In the traditional manual wheelchair superimposed power plant, using high-capacity lithium battery as power supply, the use of aluminum alloy pipe frame and ergonomic design, to achieve the electric wheelchair high-strength, high load-bearing, light weight, small volume, and at any time folding structure.