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Classification Of Wheelchairs
Jun 22, 2017

General Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are those that require human power to move them. Manual wheelchairs can be folded, stored or placed in vehicles, although modern wheelchairs may also be rigid frames. The General manual wheelchair is the general medical equipment to sell the wheelchair, roughly is the shape of a chair, four wheels, the rear wheel is larger, add a hand wheel, the brakes are also added in the rear wheel, the front wheel is small, used to turn, wheelchair back in addition to a tilt wheel.

Suitable for the general situation, or short-term action inconvenience, not fit to sit for a long time.

Electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are wheelchairs that increase the means of electric motors and navigation controls. Usually a small joystick is mounted on the armrest rather than the manual power of the wheelchair to move.

In accordance with the mode of operation, useful rocker, but also useful head or suction system and so on all kinds of switch control.

The use of electric wheelchairs is a good option for people with severe paralysis or need for greater mobility, but the need for greater activity space is required as long as their cognitive ability is good.

Special Wheelchair

Depending on the patient's situation, there are many different accessories, such as enhanced load, special cushion or backrest, neck support system ... Wait a minute.

Since the name is special, the price of course is very different, in use, also due to a wide range of accessories, more trouble, is usually used in severe or serious limb or torso deformation.

Electric wheelchairs also have brakes and horns to inform pedestrians of making way and to avoid traffic accidents.

Sports Wheelchair

A specially designed wheelchair used to engage in recreational sports or competitions.

It is common to have racing or basketball, and dancing is common.

In general, lightweight and durability are characteristics, many high-tech materials will be used.

Other wheelchair

For example, a scooter, a wheelchair in its broadest sense, is used by many old people. Roughly divided into three rounds and four rounds, with electric motor drive, speed limit 15km, to load capacity rating.