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Ordinary wheelchairs are not only bulky, heavy, but also impossible to fold completely, with limited limitations. Our travel wheelchair is small, lightweight and is a portable wheelchair. It has a user-friendly folding design that can be easily folded and stored, light and compact.
Our travel wheelchairs are made of high-strength, lightweight materials. While pursuing the lightness of the product, it guarantees the stability and wear resistance of the product itself. Each of their wheels has a parking brake that keeps the wheelchair in place and prevents the body from moving.
The frame is lightweight, resistant to aging and will not rust. They have great load-bearing capacity and therefore have a high safety factor and can be used for a long time.
In addition to being used as a means of transportation, these wheelchairs can also be used as a means of transportation to enhance the coordination of the cerebral cortex and muscle contraction and enhance the user's enjoyment and confidence in life. They make it possible for people with reduced mobility to go out with their families, appreciate the world outside and feel the beauty of life.
We are one of leading travel wheelchair manufacturers in China. We can provide cheap products for you. You are able to buy quality and discount travel wheelchair on our website. Please enjoy low price and excellent service provided by our factory.
  • Stable Portable Wheelchair

    Stable Portable Wheelchair

    This stable portable wheelchair is well designed. It applies aviation aluminum profiles. It has foldable double X frame so that it can be folded to fit into cars.
    It uses detachable aluminum alloy heart-shaped connection footrest which is durable. In order to build long...
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  • Convenient Travel Wheelchair

    Convenient Travel Wheelchair

    This series of convenient travel wheelchair is designed for travel and daily life. Due to two factors, it is very convenient. First, it is lighter than most of wheelchair. So it is easy to carry. Second, it is can be folded.
    With brilliant design, it can be folded into...
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  • Lightweight Portable Travel Wheelchair

    Lightweight Portable Travel Wheelchair

    This lightweight portable travel wheelchair is our main product. Our company has skilled employees and advanced technology. We treat every wheelchair as an art product.
    We choose excellent material. The wheelchair uses aviation aluminum profiles. The foldable double...
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  • Stable Lightweight Portable Outdoors Convenient Travel Wheelchair

    Stable Lightweight Portable Outdoors Convenient Travel Wheelchair

    Our stable lightweight portable outdoors convenient travel wheelchairs are made of high-strength, lightweight materials. It reduces the weight of the wheelchair itself while ensuring its own stability and wear resistance.
    This travel wheelchair has a great load-bearing...
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  • Travel Alloy Airport Wheelchair

    Travel Alloy Airport Wheelchair

    Our travel alloy airport wheelchair has a frame that is lightweight, anti-aging and does not rust. It is allowed to board public transport such as airplanes and trains.
    This wheelchair has great load-bearing capacity and therefore has a high safety factor and can be...
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  • Aluminum Airport Folding Wheelchair

    Aluminum Airport Folding Wheelchair

    The aluminum airport folding wheelchair uses high-strength aerospace aluminum frame. This product is light and never rust.
    It is equipped with fixed armrests and the height of footrests can be adjusted. This wheelchair is stable and solid. It can use for several years.
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  • Aluminium Alloy Travel Folding Airport Wheelchair

    Aluminium Alloy Travel Folding Airport Wheelchair

    This aluminium alloy travel folding airport wheelchair facilitates the user's travel. Its small size and light weight meet the requirements of most airlines for wheelchair size and weight.
    With this foldable wheelchair, people with reduced mobility can go out with their...
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  • Transit Wheelchair

    Transit Wheelchair

    This transit wheelchair uses aerospace aluminum alloy 7003 material. The weight of this wheelchair is very light. But it has wonderful bearing capacity.
    It has good resistance to stress, corrosion resistance and excellent welding performance. The width of this transit...
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