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Manual wheelchairs can be used as a means of transportation for disabled people, patients and the elderly and the infirm who have difficulty in moving. It is divided into a portable wheelchair, a foldable wheelchair, and a full-lie semi-recumbent wheelchair. Such a manual wheelchair can be pushed by others or shaken by itself. Some wheelchairs with small rear wheels and no push-pull wheels must be pushed by others. Manual wheelchairs generally require family members to accompany them and are not suitable for sedentary.
It is mainly composed of a wheelchair frame, a wheel, a brake and the like.
Wheel: The wheelchair is equipped with a pair of large wheels and a pair of small wheels. Each large wheel is equipped with a driving rim. The user drives the wheel to advance, retreat or turn the wheelchair. A pair of front small wheels are free to rotate.
Braking device: The brake device of the wheelchair uses the hand-brake brake to act as a parking device.
Seat cushion and backrest: Made of high quality materials for comfort and breathability.
Wheelchair rack: Available in both fixed and folded styles. The fixed structure is simple, the strength and rigidity are good; the folded type is small in size and easy to carry. The high-end wheelchair frame is made of alloy material to reduce the weight of the wheelchair.
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  • Comfortable Common Manual Detachable Nursing Wheelchair

    Comfortable Common Manual Detachable Nursing Wheelchair

    This comfortable common manual detachable nursing wheelchair is composed of a very durable lightweight aluminum alloy, giving it a total weight of only 22 kg, but being capable of handling passengers weighing up to 120kg. The Standard Model BZ02 has 12" rear wheels.
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  • Common Nursing Health Wheelchair

    Common Nursing Health Wheelchair

    This common nursing health wheelchairs use aerospace-grade aluminum alloy as the skeleton of wheelchair, so they are not only very strong, but also of very light quality. Even when they are driving out, they are very light.
    Its lightweight body can minimize the damage...
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  • Manual Detachable Nursing Wheelchair

    Manual Detachable Nursing Wheelchair

    Manual detachable nursing wheelchair is composed of a very durable lightweight aluminum alloy. Its total weight is only 22 kg. However, it can handle passengers weighing up to 120 kg.
    It use 12" rear wheels. The rear tire is very solid and stable to ensure the...
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  • Manual Detachable Wheelchair

    Manual Detachable Wheelchair

    This manual detachable wheelchair is our main product. We are specialized in this field for several years. Every wheelchair is made by advanced technology and skilled employees.
    We have excellent quality control department. Every detachable wheelchair will be tested...
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