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Maintenance and repair of electric wheelchairs
Jun 22, 2017

1. Electromagnetic Brake: Electric when you can brake!!!

2. Tires: Always pay attention to tire pressure is normal, this is the most basic.

3. Chair cover and back: to wash the chair cover with warm water and diluted soap, the skin backs.

4. Lubrication and general maintenance: always use lubricants to maintain the wheelchair, but not too much to avoid oil stains to the floor. Maintain regular maintenance regularly and check for screws and screws.

5. Usually please clean the body with water, avoid placing the electric wheelchair in damp place and avoid knocking the controller, in particular, rocker; When handling electric wheelchairs, please protect the controller, when the controller is contaminated by food or beverages, please clean immediately, use diluted cleaning liquid cloth wipe, to avoid the use of flour or alcohol and other detergents.