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Electric wheelchair industry should pay attention to copyright
Jun 22, 2017

Now, electric scooter industry, a large number of enterprises to manufacture counterfeit infringing products, resulting in the industry development products are arbitrary plagiarism, low-priced goods flooded the market. From wanton infringement into respect for intellectual property rights, so that the results of plagiarism of others to pay a painful price, will be the development of electric scooter industry from extensive to intensive, from the lower level to the advanced direction of the necessary process.

But it must be pointed out that the elderly electric scooter industry is a violation of other people's intellectual property rights, or to rob other people's technical achievements and "sharing" the development of the industry. The whole industry really has the core intellectual property rights of the technology is not much, mainly concentrated in lead-acid batteries, controllers, chargers, motor four products, the application of the invention Patent and the approval of the I am afraid that can not exceed the field of lithium traction. The domestic electric scooter enterprise obtains the intellectual property right invention patent, is very rare.

However, the foreign market has been emerging for twenty or thirty years, the domestic market is also rising, the consumption volume is huge and the prospect is broad. Therefore, electric scooter manufacturing enterprises face challenges and opportunities coexist. However, to do a good job in the domestic market and continuously transfer to foreign markets, it is necessary to pay attention to intellectual property rights in order to curb the wanton theft of intellectual property rights of others, can not appear low-grade goods, counterfeit goods.