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Common breakdowns in electric wheelchairs
Jun 22, 2017

The fault of electric wheelchair mainly includes battery malfunction, brake malfunction and tyre failure.

I. Battery

Electric wheelchair, as the name suggests, the battery is the key to the electric wheelchair drive. High-grade electric wheelchair Its battery price is also higher in the market, therefore, in the use of electric wheelchairs, battery maintenance is very important. The problem that the battery is easy to appear is no way to charge and charge after not durable, first of all, the battery can not charge to check whether the charger is normal, and then check the fuse, small problems basically appear these two places. Second, the battery is not durable after charging, the battery is also normal use is lossy, this should all know; over time the battery's endurance will gradually weaken, this is the normal battery loss, if the sudden emergence of the endurance problem is usually caused by excessive discharge. Therefore, in the use of electric wheelchairs, batteries should be diligent maintenance.

II. Braking

In the control parts of electric wheelchairs, braking is a very important part, which is closely related to the personal safety of the users. Therefore, it is important to check that the brakes are normal every time you use an electric wheelchair. The reason why the brakes often have problems is the clutch and rocker. Every time you use an electric wheelchair, check whether the clutch is in the "filing on" position, and then check that the joystick of the controller is not bouncing back to the middle. If this is not the two reasons to consider is not a clutch or controller damage, then to repair in time, avoid the brakes when the use of electric wheelchairs.

III. Tires

Because the tires are directly contact with the ground, the road conditions are different, the use of tires in the process of loss is not the same. The common problem with tyres is to wear holes. This is the first time to inflate the tires, when it is necessary to refer to the tire surface of the proposed Taiqi pressure, and then pinch the tires when the feeling is not strong, if the feel soft or fingers can be pressed in, may be a leak or inner tube piercing. Tire maintenance is also important, there are a lot of people in the use of a period of time after the electric wheelchair found that can not go straight, in fact, very big problems appear on the tires, such as tire deformation, leakage, loose, or the wheel connection of the bearing lubricants, rust, etc. are likely to lead to the electric wheelchair can not walk straight line