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Buy Old man electric wheelchair heavy in wheelchair quality
Jun 22, 2017

Quality determines the value! For the elderly ride in the electric wheelchair, product quality is an important factor.

Motor: Good motor power, electric wheelchair life ability is strong, on the contrary, there will be no electricity halfway. Tip: Old friends in the purchase of electric wheelchairs, you can listen to the voice of the motor, the smaller the better. At present the market has sold the elderly electric wheelchair car prices are uneven, some manufacturers in order to cater to the market, choose cheaper motor to reduce costs.

Controller: This is the heart of the electric wheelchair, the design of the controller not only to be precise, reliable, more than thousands of tests. Before any product is available, thousands of engineers are required to tune in.

Skeleton: In simple terms, the lighter the armature of the electric wheelchair, the less the load. Electric wheelchair, the scooter goes far away, the electrical work is not laborious. Now the electric disabled wheelchair in the market mostly uses the aluminum alloy material rather than the early steel materials, we know that aluminum alloy material is bound to be better than the steel material in weight, durability.