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Application range of electric wheelchair
Jun 22, 2017

There are many kinds of wheelchairs in the market, according to the material can be divided into aluminum alloy, lightweight materials and steel, such as by type can be divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special wheelchair can be divided into: Leisure sports Wheelchair Series, electronic wheelchair series, seat side wheelchair series, help stop Wheelchair series.

General wheelchair: Mainly by wheelchair frame, wheel, brake and other devices constitute the scope of application: lower limb disability, hemiplegia, chest paraplegia and elderly people with mobility inconvenience. Features: The patient can operate the fixed armrest or detachable handrail stationary pedal or detachable pedal board can be folded and placed according to the model and the price is divided into: hard seat, soft, inflatable tires or solid-core tires, of which: fixed handrails, fixed pedals, wheelchair prices are lower.

Special wheelchair: The main is its function is quite complete, not only does the disabled person and the mobility inconvenience human's action tool, but also has the other function.

High-back-lying wheelchair applicable range: High paraplegia and infirm and frail patients with characteristics: 1. The backrest of the wheelchair is high to the occupant's head detachable armrest and the rotary buckle pedal, the pedal can be lowered, made 90-degree rotation, and the bracket can be adjusted to the horizontal position. 2. The backrest can be segmented adjustment angle or can be arbitrarily adjusted to the level (quite a bed) users can rest in the wheelchair. Also removable headrest.

Electric Wheelchair Application range: for high paraplegia or hemiplegia, but with one-handed control. Electric wheelchair powered by batteries, a charge to continue the capacity of 20 kilometers, a single hand control device, can forward, back and turn, can be used outside the room. Higher prices. The scope of the wheelchair is available for use by the disabled and the elderly who are not allowed to enter the toilets themselves.

Toilet Wheelchair: Divided into small wheeled toilet chair, with Commode wheelchair, according to the use of the occasion choice.

Sports Wheelchair for sports wheelchair: for the disabled to use sports activities, the ball and racing two categories. Special design, use of materials commonly used aluminum alloy or lightweight materials, strong and lightweight.

Wheelchair support Station Wheelchair: It is a kind of station, sitting wheelchair for paraplegia or cerebral palsy patients to stand training, through training: first, to prevent osteoporosis, promote blood circulation and strengthen muscle strength training. The second is to facilitate the patient's taking. Scope of application: paraplegia patients, cerebral palsy patients.