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An electric wheelchair that can climb stairs
Jun 22, 2017

Stair-climbing electric wheelchair mainly has two types of continuous and intermittent. The continuous stair-climbing electric wheelchair has more application, because its main feature is that there is only one supporting device in the process of stair climbing, which depends on the continuous motion of the support device, thus realizing the function of stair up and down stairs. According to its movement executing agency, can divide into the star-type wheel mechanism and the crawler wheel mechanism two kinds. The main feature of the intermittent stair-climbing electric wheelchair is that it has two support devices, and the two supporting devices are alternately supported to realize the function of stair up and down. The stair-climbing process is analogous to the process of walking up and down stairs, and some call it a pedestrian stair-climbing wheelchair. The application of crawler-type wheelchair is more mature, but its movement on the ground is far inferior to the conventional wheelchair, and the body is more bulky.

2010 China (Suzhou) International Biotechnology exhibition shows the electric wheelchair that can climb stairs. This wheelchair is not as wide as a normal wheelchair, it looks very thin, 1.5 meters high. An experienced person was pushed to the ladder by a staff member after sitting in a wheelchair. Subsequently, the staff began to operate the button, saw the wheelchair bottom a freshman small two wheels began to rotate alternately. With this alternating rotation, the wheelchair climbed the three-step staircase. Staff, the wheelchair's main technology is concentrated on the bottom of the wheel. Don't look at this big two pairs of wheels, it can correctly perceive whether there is a barrier in front, and then automatically fixed, to achieve smooth up and down stairs, effectively reducing the workload of the nurse. This kind of wheelchair mainly relies on pure import, the price is also expensive, as high as 70,000 yuan.

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