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Advantages of electric Wheelchair products
Jun 22, 2017

1. The audience is wide. Compared with the traditional wheelchair, the power wheelchair's powerful function not only applies to the frail old people, similarly, it is also suitable for the severe disability the injury. The utility model has the advantages of stable, long power and adjustable speed.

2. Convenient. The traditional hand-push wheelchair must rely on manpower to push and pull forward, if no one around, have to push the rollers. Electric wheelchair is not the same, as long as the charge of good electricity, there is no need to accompany the family at all times, they can easily operate.

3. Environmental protection. Electric wheelchairs are powered by electric power and are more environmentally friendly.

4. Safety. Electric wheelchair production technology more and more mature, the car body's braking equipment after a number of professionals to detect qualified before production. The odds of an electric wheelchair getting out of control are close to 0.

5. Use electric wheelchair to enhance self-care ability. With electric wheelchair, buy vegetables, cooking, ventilation and so on daily activities can consider their own, a people + an electric wheelchair can basically do.