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Advantages of electric wheelchair and manual wheelchair car
Jun 22, 2017

The traditional wheelchair is a single type, it is necessary to rotate the left and right sides of the big wheel and more difficult, or need to push back. With the development of science and technology, more and more brands of electric wheelchairs began to emerge, this kind of wheelchair is battery-driven, with a controller, as long as the switch on low speed start-up can be free to walk. Then there is the problem, the wheelchair brand, for those who choose wheelchairs, what kind of wheelchair is more suitable for their own?

Electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs can be said to be the same, not to say that manual wheelchairs are certainly not as good as electric wheelchairs, only suitable or not. Both structurally speaking, the difference is not very big, electric wheelchair more batteries, and electric vehicles need to recharge. In terms of wheelchair prices, the price of electric wheelchairs will certainly be higher than that of manual wheelchairs. From the use of the crowd, electric wheelchairs for the technical requirements of the elderly, not too suitable for unresponsive ability, but also for the elderly with severe disability. Manual wheelchair for the body is still tough, hand force is not bad old man.

In fact, the choice of electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair, is based on personal preferences and needs, if need to go away, the response is flexible, buy electric wheelchair is the most suitable, but also consider their economic conditions can withstand the price of electric wheelchairs.