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Portable wheelchairs are lighter in overall quality and come in many varieties, including high-quality aluminum alloys, titanium and carbon fiber. It is rugged and ergonomically designed for easy operation. After folding, the occupied space is very small, and it is placed in the trunk of the car, which only takes up 1/8 of the space, which is convenient for carrying and collecting, and brings convenience for the elderly and the disabled.
The portable wheelchair can be folded. The method of folding is first to fold the pedals inward; then the pedal switch is snapped to the inside and then the pedal is rotated to the outside; then the cushion is lifted up, and then you can gather the wheelchair, put the cushion cloth inside, and then lift the armrest up.
After that, put the cushion cloth underneath; hold down the folding button and fold the backrest down at the same time; pull the buckle at one end of the belt and fasten it at the opposite end of the belt at the other end. In this way, the belt can be converted into a strap, and as long as it is carried out, it is very convenient to carry it out.
These portable wheelchairs can be carried on an airplane train or in the trunk, so they are easy to use when traveling. Our wheelchairs combine ergonomics with a combination of medicine and engineering, which makes it comfortable for the user.
We are one of leading portable wheelchair manufacturers in China. We can provide cheap products for you. You are able to buy quality and discount portable wheelchair on our website. Please enjoy low price and excellent service provided by our factory.
  • Portable Multifunctional, Nursing Electric Wheelchair

    Portable Multifunctional, Nursing Electric Wheelchair

    This portable multifunctional, nursing electric wheelchair has an intelligent AI operating system. It can control the operation of this multifunctional electric wheelchair with the built-in angle sensor, speed sensor and intelligent electromagnetic brake using the control...Read More
  • Quickie Wheelchair

    Quickie Wheelchair

    Compared to traditional wheelchairs, this quickie wheelchair has a high-performance drive, intelligent controls and a perfect design for a comfortable fit. It also has many functions to control the forward, backward, turn, lie and stand of the wheelchair. It is practical and...Read More
  • Portable Multifunctional Wheelchair

    Portable Multifunctional Wheelchair

    This portable multifunctional wheelchair is made of aluminum alloy aerospace materials which greatly increase its durability. The surface is anodized to ensure its durability.
    Due to its high-power motor, the start-up speed of this wheelchair is fast. In outdoor...
    Read More
  • Nursing Electric Wheelchair

    Nursing Electric Wheelchair

    The main material of this portable multifunctional nursing electric wheelchair is aluminum alloy aerospace materials. This material greatly increases its durability.
    It has controller rear and used professional wiring reinforcement processing technology. Fast response...
    Read More
  • Multifunctional Electric Wheelchair

    Multifunctional Electric Wheelchair

    This multifunctional electric wheelchair is our main product. We are specialized in this area for several years. Every wheelchair is made by advanced machine and skilled workers. We have strict quality control department to ensure our wheelchair quality.
    This wheelchair...
    Read More
  • Collapsible Wheelchair

    Collapsible Wheelchair

    Thanks to its user-friendly folding design, this collapsible wheelchair can be easily folded and stored for easy carrying. Our travel wheelchairs are made of high-strength, lightweight materials. While pursuing the lightness of the product, it guarantees the stability and...Read More
  • Medicare Wheelchair For Rehabilitation

    Medicare Wheelchair For Rehabilitation

    This medicare wheelchair is designed for older people and people who need rehabilitation. Our company focus on product quality. We use the excellent material to make the frame of this series of medicare wheelchair for rehabilitation.
    Due to the good material, the frame...
    Read More
  • Electric Wheelchair With Lithium Battery

    Electric Wheelchair With Lithium Battery

    This electric wheelchair with lithium battery is our star product. We pay attention to this wheelchair for several years. This electric wheelchair is equipped with lithium battery. Due to the high quality of this it is very convenient for users.Read More
  • Folding Lithium Battery Powered Wheelchair

    Folding Lithium Battery Powered Wheelchair

    This folding lithium battery powered wheelchair is made of aluminum alloy frame alloy. The surface has been treated with anodizing. This folding wheelchair is suitable for airport. It features light weight, foldable and portable, convenient to put on the plane, put into a car...Read More
  • Portable Folding Lithium Battery Powered Electric Wheelchair for Airport

    Portable Folding Lithium Battery Powered Electric Wheelchair for Airport

    Portable Folding Lithium Battery Powered Electric Wheelchair for Airport
    This portable folding lithium battery powered electric wheelchair for airport has a streamlined design. It has a dual-use seat cushion for winter and summer and a detachable pedal.
    And its...
    Read More
  • Portable Airport Electric Wheelchair

    Portable Airport Electric Wheelchair

    This series of portable airport electric wheelchair uses aluminum alloy frame and surface anodic oxidation treatment. It is suitable for using in airport. It uses Sandwich fabric so it can be regarded as comfortable breathable wheelchair. And you can remove cushions to clean....Read More
  • Folding Ultra Portable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair with Lithium Battery

    Folding Ultra Portable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair with Lithium Battery

    This folding ultra portable lightweight electric wheelchair with lithium battery superimposes the control system, power system and drive power in a traditional manual wheelchair.
    It uses an aluminum alloy tube frame to give it a good frame structure. At the same time,...
    Read More
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